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I Don't Like the Rosary. 6 Reasons I Pray it Anyway

This is great.

A few months ago I went to confession at a conference where I was speaking and made the mistake of wearing my nametag into the confessional. Now, I’m not terribly concerned that Father would connect my name with my sins–it’s not like there’s anything he could do about it if he did. But my nametag identified me as a speaker at the conference, which evidently gave him the idea that I was serious about holiness because he gave me a rosary for my penance. You read that right. A whole rosary.
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Brittany Maynard Planned to Die on Nov. 1. Now, Her Plans Have Changed.

Keep the prayers coming.

Brittany Maynard, the Oregon woman who made news earlier this month with her plans to die on Nov. 1, has released a new video announcing a change in plans. Maynard, who has terminal brain cancer, still intends to choose when she dies, “I still feel good enough and I still have enough joy and I still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn’t seem like the right time right now,” although “it will come, because I feel myself getting sicker. It’s happening each week.”
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City Reverses Itself, Won't Force Chapel to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Good news. Hey, we'll take what we can get.

In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the Hitching Post, a for-profit wedding chapel across the street from the county clerk's office now seems in the clear to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Earlier this month, the ministers filed suit against the city which had threatened to enforce its non-discrimination ordinance against the chapel. (See prior posting.) However now, as reported Friday by Boise State Public Radio, the city attorney says that the chapel is exempt, even though it is a for-profit entity. Last month it reorganized as a limited liability company and provided in its operating agreement: "The Hitching Post is a religious corporation owned solely by ordained ministers of the Christian religion who operate this entity as an extension of their sincerely held religious beliefs and in accordance with their vows taken as Christian ministers."
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Conversion Story: From Atheist to Catholic

I love conversion stories:

The upbringing I underwent in New South Wales, Australia —partly in Sydney, but mainly in the village of Mulgoa— was one of complete, although predominantly quiet and civil, atheism. Both my parents (who are now dead) spent their childhood as Presbyterians, but shed religious belief soon after attaining adulthood. My father was the philosopher and political polemicist David Stove. During his undergraduate years, he fell under the spell of the militantly atheistic guru John Anderson of the University of Sydney's philosophy department. Except that "fell under" seems a much too gentle phrase to describe what my father and thousands like him experienced at Anderson's none-too-scrupulous — and, where females were concerned, lecherous — hands.
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Answers I Wish I Had

This is just painful and beautiful. This is why blogs were made.

One night in September, right at the tail end of summer, I was exhausted. I had woken up before the sun, before my roommate, and before the birds - by 8pm, I was curled up in bed, ready to watch a chick flick, eat fancy sea-salted dark chocolate and end up crying. Sometimes that carefully buried bottle of tears just needs to be broken before the world can start looking better, you know?
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Shiny, Empty Uteruses

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway writes:

In the opening pages of her book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Katha Pollitt tells readers that her mother had an abortion in 1960. Her mother’s FBI file, which Katha read after her death, said she was in the care of a physician for “gynecological problems.” Pollitt says her father never knew about the abortion and neither did she, which made her angry “the way one can be angry at one’s mother for having a life outside her child’s ken.” (Yes, she manages to equate abortion with “having a life.”)
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Ross Douthat: Why I Am a Catholic

I'm still working through it but it's definitely worth sharing and reading:

Of all the columns I imagined writing when I started out at this job, it’s safe to say that Sunday’s piece, in which I suggested that conservative Catholics should “resist” their pope if he seems intent on leading the church off a doctrinal precipice, was not one of them. So it’s worth saying something briefly about my own personal religious perspective on the church to which I belong.
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Loyola Chicago Club Approves Pagan Student Club on Campus

Everything is permitted.

Loyola University Chicago (LUC) has recognized a student group on campus which was recently described as the Loyola Student Pagan Alliance, but is now approved under the name Indigenous Faith Tradition Alliance, according to College Fix. The group offers itself to students interested in “New Age” religions, despite the Catholic Church’s prohibition against associated practices.
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Pregnancy centers, not politics – the future of the pro-life movement

EWTN News:

Amid the chilling dark chaos of a woman’s unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, a group of pro-life Catholics try to be a light to both the mother and the unborn child. Their mission is in an unassuming plot in a modest town well outside the sprawling Washington, D.C. suburbs. Not much car traffic passes through town other than tourists on their way to see the mountain leaves turn every October.
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The Hideous Glee the Media Takes in a Palin Being Assaulted

The CNN video is sick. Just sick. Good for Matt Lewis for pointing this out.

Matt Lewis shames the press for laughing at Bristol Palin’s physical assault Apparently, the usual sober and fraught political commentary that often accompanies episodes of physical violence directed toward women disappears when the subject of that violence is a Palin. The political press had a hearty chuckle at the expense of the Palins when it first broke that the former first family of Alaska was involved in an alcohol-fueled brawl. The “thrilla in Wasilla,” some called it. One might, however, have expected the laughter to die down after local police released audio of Bristol Palin who described through hysterical tears how she had been assaulted, dragged through the grass, and robbed of her affects. It did not.
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20 Images that Prove St. John Paul II was the Coolest Saint Ever

A hipster even. The Catholic Gentleman thinks so.

Pope St. John Paul II was an extraordinary man. He traveled to more countries than any other pope. He helped bring communism to its knees. He was shot and lived to tell about it. He suffered a debilitating disease heroically. He inspired millions around the globe to pursue Jesus Christ and strive for holiness. And much, much more. Yet, there is one more more achievement than can be added to his long list of incredible accomplishments: He was cool. How many saints do you know who wore converse and hipster glasses? Even Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati can’t claim that.
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Feminist video of little girls highly offensive

This is child abuse.

[Warning: graphic language] This should be hard to watch for decent people- especially decent Catholic and all Christian parents. This is a video promotion to sell liberal/LBGT/feminist/gaylove/equality t-shirts using little girls dropping the f-bomb and other vile language.
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Peter Kreeft: To Save Your Soul, You Must Opt Out of the “Culture of Death”

Joy is possible.

“I should just always ask what God wants me to do and then do it. That’s all, isn’t it?” wondered a 6-year-old Peter Kreeft. A longtime Boston College philosophy professor, he cites this gift from God as his first “important conscious discovery.” Kreeft joined the BC faculty in 1965 and has written over 70 books, all building upon this first realization. The circumstances of this pivotal moment are somewhat surprising, according to Kreeft. It was a Sunday after church with his parents, who raised him as a Dutch Calvinist. He eventually entered Calvin College in 1955.
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Unrealistic Stock Photos Of Parenting With Hilarious, More Relatable Captions

Some of these are laugh out loud funny. Continue reading>>>

Raleigh Seminarian with terminal brain cancer responds to Brittany Maynard

Must read of the day:

Philip Johnson, a 30-year-old Catholic seminarian from the Diocese of Raleigh who has terminal brain cancer, has written an article responding to Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who has publicly stated her plan to commit suicide due to the fact that she has a terminal brain cancer. Johnson is vocal about his disagreement that suicide would preserve one’s dignity in the face of a debilitating illness.
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So You Want Abortion Laws More Like Europe?

Penn Democrats haven't done their homework.

The Penn Democrats wrote an op-ed in defense of “reproductive rights” for the Daily Pennsylvanian, arguing that women have the right to employer-paid abortion drugs and that abortion-clinic safety rules are “unnecessary.” Fair enough. But these defenders of bodily integrity make a curious case for their contention that America’s abortion laws are “decades behind many other countries”:
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The New Yorker Profiles Women Against Abortion

The SBA List if profiled:

One afternoon in May, Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, took the Senate floor to ask for a vote on a provocatively named bill: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after twenty weeks of gestation. “There are only seven countries in the world that allow elective abortions at this stage,” he said. “At twenty weeks, people have been born and survived.” Barbara Boxer, a Democrat from California, offered a sharp rebuttal. The law would “drive more women to rogue doctors,” she said, and added a charge that is frequently aimed at Republicans these days: “It’s a war on women.” This was a spirited debate, though not a suspenseful one. Graham knew that Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, would not allow a vote on his bill. But he wanted to be seen trying to do something about abortion in America.
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Marriage Issue is For All The Marbles

John Zmirak states that what is at stake is the Papacy itself and the claim of the Catholic Church.

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Cybil Shepherd Dsicusses Rediscovering her Christian Faith

Nice to hear.

Cybill Shepherd was born into a Christian family and was even a staple in her church choir by age 8, but the actress recently revealed that she eventually stopped praying and lost touch with her faith — until recently. Cybill Shepherd visits ‘Extra’ at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 16, 2014 in Universal City, California. (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) The entertainer, known for starring roles in shows like “Cybill” and “The L Word,” said during a recent panel discussion about her new, faith-based film, “Do You Believe,” that she’s feeling spiritually renewed. Shepherd described losing touch with her Christian roots before later rediscovering them through prayer and a reconnection with her childhood faith, according to the Christian Post. “I was born a Christian, sang in the choir then I lost touch with my savior Jesus Christ. I stopped talking to Him and praying,” she said. “Then I just started talking to Jesus and I started to feel really good and I got the offer to do this film.”
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Is Halloween an Evil Holiday?

Good answer.

Nope! The word itself means “All Hallows’ Eve” (“hallow” is an old-fashioned word for holy) because it’s the night before the feast of All Saints. There’s a lot of research that’s been done on the origin of this holiday but I’ll save you the long version and just tell you: it was always our holiday.
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