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In Retirement Announcement Justice Breyer Pulls Out Pocket Constitution. Was It Erasable? Spaces Where He Could Insert Made up Rights?

I wonder if it’s like a Mad Libs Constitution where he can write in anything he wants. I’m kinda’ looking at this pocket Constitution and to be honest, it doesn’t look all folded up like it’s actually been in his… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 1-27-22

“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.” -GK Chesterton I believe this 100 percent. Life is easier when you’re trying to please God because He’s very clear about what He wants. This reminds me of the last time… Continue Reading →

This Priest Made Me Throw up In My Mouth.

Oh my. While the bishop of Venice (FL) bans ad orientem, he apparently has no problem with a priest in his diocese replacing the Penitential Rite with three "spiritual breaths". Source (warning: this is a full boomer Mass):… Continue Reading →

Horror: Parents say Florida school secretly met with their child about her gender identity. Only informed after she attempted suicide.

The school always know best, y’know. It is more important for many of them that the school be woke than actually help children. To so many school leaders, parents are the enemies. Horrifying story. Parents allege Florida school leaders held… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 1/26/2022

Heh. This one hit close to home.

Justice Breyer to Retire. My Hopes for the Next Justice.

There’s all this talk about what kind of person Biden should nominate to the court. Black? Latino? Asian? Lesbian? Transgender? You wanna’ know who I think is really under-represented in the court and Biden should really take into consideration? Really… Continue Reading →

Priest: “Keep on Trucking.” Apologizes for The Failure of the Church to Stand for Freedom.

I kinda’ like this guy. I never saw him before but I like what he said here.

The Least We Can Do

I keep getting lectured that being pro-life means a lot more than marching once a year down the streets of Washington D.C. They say it also means more than advocating for the unborn. Yes, it does. But it seems to… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour!!!

Yup. One for the global warming crowd. Ted Cruz might never win the presidency but today he wins the internet. And finally, watch this woman give a gleeful account of snow conditions on the mountain while this other woman struggles… Continue Reading →

NBC News Points to ALL THE ATTENTION the Media Gives to the March for Life

Ok. This one is hilarious. NBC News posted a long article on…well I’ll just give you the headline and you can clearly see what it’s about. NBC News: Religious women have abortions, too. And many faiths affirm abortion rights.It’s long… Continue Reading →

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