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The Biggest Supreme Court Case Nobody’s Talking About

Understandably, the entire country is talking about Dobbs, the court case that could see the overturning of Roe which, would be a great great great thing for babies and everyone with a functioning soul. A good test to see if… Continue Reading →

Hollywood Writer Turned Christian: There Are Two Great Christmas Movies.

Andrew Klavan, a bestselling author and Hollywood writer, recently converted to Christianity and here he’s talking about the best Christmas specials. I love how he talks about how so many Scrooge characters don’t get it right and the great Christian… Continue Reading →

Random Saint Nicholas Day Thoughts.

I’m no Grinch but If I had to stick a gift in every shoe my children left out last night I’d be broke. I don’t even understand how my kids take off their shoes. One will be right near the… Continue Reading →

Chris Cuomo to Sue CNN? Wait. Who Am I Rooting For?

Citizen Free Press reports that the now former CNN host Chris Cuomo is readying to sue the network if it balks at paying him at least $18 million to cover what’s left on his contract. OK. Awesome. Now, normally when… Continue Reading →

I Love Conversion Stories. This is Haley Stewart’s.

I really do love conversion stories. My favorite show for so many years was Marcus Grodi’s “Journey Home.” It’s always a happy ending. It’s like a Hallmark movie but with less Lacey Chabert. But this one has Haley Stewart. I… Continue Reading →

House Dems Won’t Schedule Vote on Bill to Sanction Chinese Slave Labor

Democrats proves themselves once again to be the party of slavery. Washington Free Beacon: Democratic leaders are walking back their promise to hold a vote this week in the House on legislation that would sanction China’s use of slave labor… Continue Reading →

How Do I Tell You I’m a Country in Decline Without Telling You I’m a Country in Decline?

OK. What were the rest of you doing during the yearlong lockdown? I thought “Netflix and chill” was a euphemism. No? There’s all these theories as to why ancient civilizations fell. Seriously, there’s been like thousands of papers and books… Continue Reading →

Man wears Fake Arm in Awesome Attempt to Avoid Covid-19 Jab.

Legend. Sure he got caught but total legend. I’ve heard off people trying to create fake vaccine passes but nobody thought of a fake arm. Poor guy will probably be sentenced to a decade in a gulag but when he… Continue Reading →

So They’re “Women” When You Want Them To Be?

Great question. What's a woman? — Todd Erzen (@DeaceOnline) December 2, 2021 Yeah, all of a sudden you don’t see CNN, MSNBC and all the politicians demanding that we all acknowledge that men can get pregnant too. Why not?… Continue Reading →

UK Woman With Spina Bifida Wins “Wrongful Conception” Lawsuit Against Doctor

Wow. This is interesting in that the court in Britain is essentially admitting that life begins at conception. That’s a nice precedent. Let’s see where that takes us. The Blaze: A United Kingdom woman who’s been debilitated with spina bifida… Continue Reading →

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