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Fauci Must Have Learned the Moral Shell Game from the Bishops

You know how the bishops always say they’re not funding contraception and abortion through their grants but then Michael Hichborn or Judie Brown point out that the bishops are giving to a group that then turns around and gives it… Continue Reading →

Vatican Warns Bishops Against Taking a Stand for Life

This couldn’t have been more expected yet still disappointing. Actually, the only shocking thing here is that the Vatican actually believed that the US bishops were going to bravely and faithfully take a stand for life in the first place…. Continue Reading →

Must Watch. Tucker Shows Fauci Funded Wuhan and the Cover Up.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Look, many many people suspect that Covid-19 emanated from the Wuhan lab. And now it’s come to light that Fauci funded a program at Wuhan that dealt with the coronavirus. But we’re… Continue Reading →

Wow. Biden to Force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Sex Change Surgeries

Conscience must not be served. The state must be served. The Blaze: “The Biden administration took action Monday to require hospitals to perform sex-change procedures and offer other other transgender medical services or face anti-discrimination lawsuits, restoring an Obama-era policy… Continue Reading →

Wonderful Belated Mother’s Day Video.

The mother bird doesn’t abandon her babies no matter what. Oddly moving. I ❤️ this Not birthing day it’s #MothersDay @kiel1786 @sassyausgirl @shazz_29 @_evelynrae — 🎀KELLIE🎀I SEE DUMB PEOPLE ™🇦🇺 (@kelliekelly23) May 9, 2021

Fauci: You Can Get Your Freedom Back but Only If You Do Exactly What We Say.

I’m pretty sure that at least a few of the four horsemen of the apocalypse will be wearing lab coats. I’m sure it’s occurred to all of us by now that they’re not interested in normal. They find normal offensive…. Continue Reading →

Man Filmed Irish Police Break up Sunday Mass. A Week Later, Police Detain Him and Take His Kids.

An Irish citizen named Pat Sweeney who last week filmed Irish police entering a Catholic Church and breaking up a Sunday Mass due to Covid lockdowns. The video went viral and international for obvious reasons. Ireland has undertaken perhaps the… Continue Reading →

“Very Catholic” Biden Issues National Day of Prayer Proclamation. Doesn’t Mention God. Oops.

Of course, it does include references to climate change and racial justice. But God didn’t make the cut on the National Day of Prayer proclamation. Editing room floor, I guess. This story isn’t even about Joe Biden. I don’t think… Continue Reading →

Actual headline and story from Slate: “Pfizer Snobs Are Wrong. Johnson & Johnson Is the Coolest Vaccine.”

And in case you thought I must be making it up, here’s the link and the pic they used in the piece. Here’s the story: Social media is rife with vaccine braggarts claiming allegiance to #TeamPfizer or the #ModernaGang. You’d… Continue Reading →

Fertility rate—average number of babies a woman will have over her lifetime—fell to 1.64, lowest since government began tracking it in 1930s

This is a disaster. And this was during a quarantine year. What the heck were the rest of you doing. Guys, Netflix and chill is not supposed to be about Netflix. I thought y’all knew that. U.S. women had 3.61… Continue Reading →

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