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This is Hilarious. The Cantor Sings (The Yoo-Hoo Song.)

This had me laughing out loud.

My Favorite Jesuit and I Solve All the World’s Problems.

Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J. and I discuss the disturbing popularity of satanism, and how to live actually counter-culturally. What can we as individuals do to change the world around us, and why must it begin with a profound conversion to… Continue Reading →

Fr. Jimmy Martin Says Catholics Should Celebrate Pride Month.

Celebrating sin? Sounds good! In June, Catholics celebrate the Month of the #SacredHeart. LGBTQ people celebrate #PrideMonth. LGBTQ Catholics celebrate both. One shows us how Jesus loves. The other shows us whom Jesus calls us to love today. —… Continue Reading →

Uh-oh. What to do with Muslim Anti-Wokers?

When confronted by Christians asking for their children not to be indoctrinated with gay or gender fluid woke madness, the response from the left is simple. But what happens when Muslims push back on groomers in schools? This creates the… Continue Reading →

Christian Arrested for Preaching Gospel at Pride Month Event.

Your hand basket will no longer be making stops. It is an express…to its final destination. A Christian protester in Pennsylvania was arrested Saturday as he quoted Scripture verses in response to an LGBT “pride” month event. Damon Atkins… Continue Reading →

Snowfall Actor Says He Summoned “The Devil” and Instantly Regretted It

Actor Damson Idris of the critically acclaimed show “Snowfall” said he invited the devil to come to him to help him take his character down a dark place. He soon regretted it. Yikes. Don’t invite darkness. It comes when called…. Continue Reading →

Satan Respects Pronouns

The man who designed merchandise for Target had his own line of satanic merch. The Daily Wire: The controversial designer who had his merchandise removed from Target following public backlash and boycotts spoke out on the incident, criticizing the retailer… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Gomez’s Moment of Truth

My book “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage” showed example after example of regular people exhibiting their faith in a courageous way, even when the world told them not to. In each of those stories there came a… Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Bishop Calls for “Pride Mass” to be Cancelled

Thank God there are bishops willing to become targets for their faithfulness to Catholic teaching. Daily Signal: The bishop of Pittsburgh is calling for a “Pride Mass” to be canceled, emphasizing that “independent sponsors” promoted the event to coincide with… Continue Reading →

So Many Good Things Are Happening.

This moment reminds me of the times in Narnia where the characters report “Aslan is on the move.” Target is being effectively boycotted. Bud Light is plummeting. Regular, ordinary, and sane parents are taking over school boards. Disney movies with… Continue Reading →

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