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Leftist Twitter Wishes Death on Dennis Prager, Who Tested Positive for Covid

Dennis Prager, the conservative radio host and head of PragerU, has Covid. So, if you have a moment please say a prayer for his recovery. Some, on the the other hand, may be too busy celebrating on Twitter: Dennis Prager… Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Tell Her My Name

My kids had the same pediatrician for years. Their whole lives. She came in to see my first daughter the day after she was born. She was tall and angular with intense eyes. The doctor, not my daughter. My daughter… Continue Reading →

Riders watched as a woman was raped on a train but no one called 911, police say.

This is not a Philadelphia thing. We have lost something as a nation. We’ve lost our…connective tissue. We’ve lost our courage. We’ve lost our humanity, I think. Yahoo: A 35-year-old man in Pennsylvania is facing rape and assault charges after… Continue Reading →

WNBA Players Association says, “Politicians Don’t Control Our Bodies.”

So for a moment I thought maybe the WNBA did something interesting. The WNBA Players Association stood up for bodily autonomy and against the mandatory vaccines, I thought. Sadly, my hopes were dashed once again on Twitter, the place where… Continue Reading →

Hey, It’s Cheaper than a Messy Suicide

Andrew G. McCabe, the former F.B.I. deputy director, will receive his pension and other benefits after settling his lawsuit with the Justice Department. I know you’re shocked and appalled but hey, fiscally it’s a lot less expensive than planning, carrying… Continue Reading →

Insert Jesus into Anything and You’ve Got Instant Controversy

Hey, Superman’s gay!!! Bet you didn’t see that coming. Guy wearing tights and all. But hey, it’s not controversial. In fact, if you think it’s controversial it’s because you’re a homophobe and probably a closeted homosexual yourself. You can’t be… Continue Reading →

Looking for Christian Inspiration This Christmas? Read “American Antigone.”

There are dark days approaching. As a Catholic writer I’ve attempted to keep my readers inspired. My first book, “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage” took real life stories where regular Christians stood up for Christ. They sometimes… Continue Reading →

Shatner Goes Up Into Space and Returns as AOC?

We send a 90 year old celebrity up into space. Upon his return I guess I expected some kind of poetic ode to the perseverance of man or maybe something about God’s wonderful creation. But we sent Bill Shatner up… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Clinic Pushes Back Against Connecticut Law that Punishes Pro-Life Speech

Many of the people who run pro-life clinics are the prophetic voices of our times. They are on the front lines and therefore receive enemy fire first. Case in point, Connecticut passed a law demanding that pro-life clinics must refer… Continue Reading →

Anglican Bishop converts to Catholicism Because Catholic Church Isn’t Adapting to Modern World

As the world gets crazier and crazier, the Catholic Church will seem increasingly sane to many. So all the Church has to do in this weird world is don’t be crazy. Don’t join the parade of celebrated lunacy. In plainer… Continue Reading →

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