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Bishop Thomas Tobin’s Idea Seems Great But Let’s Put a Pin in it and Circle Back In a Few Decades

Yeeeaaah, this seems like a pretty good thought. I like this but I think the Church seems pretty intent on trying a different way first. Let’s try persecuting the hell out of trads and then just see what happens after… Continue Reading →

The NY Times wants you to be very very nervous about religious people. Linda Greenhouse of the NY Times writes very nervously about Justice Samuel Alito and his defense of religious freedom. The funny thing is that she doesn’t actually… Continue Reading →

North Dakota School District Nixes Pledge Because of all that Icky God Stuff. North Dakota, people!

We are just not taking our local elections seriously. These schools are where people send their children. We have to wake up and stop electing radical weirdoes onto the school board. I mean, when the school board of Fargo, North… Continue Reading →

Fr. Orsi Inteviews Raymond Ibrahim on Christian Persecution Around the Globe.

Fr. Michael P. Orsi of Action for Life recently interviewed Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, on the topic of Christian persecution throughout the Islamic world.

This Self Own from NYC Resident Outraged at Trump is Just Too Funny Not to Share

Hahahahahahaa. They’ve been fed lies for so long and when confronted they realize they actually know nothing. They can only regurgitate the pablum fed to them by Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, and Don Lemon. Amazing. — Trump War Room… Continue Reading →

Some Good Questions from Senator Mike Lee. I Have the Answers.

Are these rhetorical? Because I can answer it pretty simply. Since October 2021, the FBI has used a “threat tag” — #EDUOFFICIALS — to track complaints involving parents suspected of harassing school officials. Does FBI have a threat tag for… Continue Reading →

On Eve of School Year, Remember that the Biden Admin Revoked Free Lunch Program for Schools in Non-Compliance with LGBT Agenda.

I suspect this has been kind of forgotten about by many or ignored. But the federal government will not be ignored, especially when it comes to enforcing the LGBT agenda on Catholic schools. The left has tried hundreds of lawsuits… Continue Reading →

Fr. Robert McTeigue S.J. and I Discuss Pope Francis, Traditionalism, and the State of the Church among other apocalyptic subjects.

If you have a moment for some apocalyptic humor and some serious talk about the faith including my first experience with the Latin Mass please listen at the link for my conversation with my favorite Jesuit Fr. Robert McTeigue S.J…. Continue Reading →

Watch Joe Biden Struggle with the Great Issues of the Day – Like His Jacket

This inspires confidence.

Lock them Up. Parents Teach Their Children How to Hand Money to Drag Queens

Honest question: If we brought children to strip shows or had strippers come in to kindergartens, would that be ok too. This is insane: Parents teach their baby to hand money to drag queens at an “all-ages” drag show… Continue Reading →

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