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Baldisseri’s ‘Evolution of Dogma’ vs St. Pius X’s Oath Against Modernism

Compare and contrast.

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Baldisseri: Pope Francis Approved Controversial Midterm Relatio

As Joe Biden would say, this is a big %^&* deal.

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Cause of St Thérèse of Lisieux’s sister is opened

The Catholic Herald UK reports:

A French bishop has officially opened the beatification Cause of Léonie Martin, the sister of St Thérèse of Lisieux. Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger of Bayeux-Lisieux opened the diocesan stage of the Cause on Saturday at a Mass at the Monastery of the Visitation in Caen, north-west France, where Léonie lived from 1899 until her death in 1941, aged 78. Léonie, who took the name Sister Françoise-Thérèse when she entered religious life, now has the title “Servant of God”. Léonie, the third of the five surviving children of the Martin family, had a difficult childhood. According to a website dedicated to her life, she was often ill, was physically abused by a maidservant, was expelled from school and was isolated within the family. She attempted to enter religious life three times before she was accepted at the monastery in Caen.
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Jindal: "Our God Wins" and Islamic Terrorists "Going Straight to Hell"

I'm always hesitant to declare the eternal fate of anyone's soul but I've got to give Jindal points here:

Louisiana’s Republican governor, Bobby Jindal, who converted from Hinduism to Christianity, said that as the New Testament makes clear, “our God wins, He beats death, He beats Satan,” and Jindal also challenged Muslim leaders to publicly denounce radical Islamic terrorists by name, telling the world that these persons are “not martyrs” and that they “are going straight to Hell.”
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NPR Boosts Far-Left Critics of California's 'Founding Father,' Soon-to-Be Saint

Tainting history.

NPR's Jasmine Garsd spotlighted the critics of Pope Francis's move to canonize Franciscan friar Junipero Serra in a Wednesday article on the public radio network's website. Garsd zeroed in on how "Native American activists" claim that Father Serra, who founded several missions in present-day California in the 1700s, was "an accomplice in the brutal colonization of natives." The correspondent cited one such "activist" who claimed that "Serra turned a blind eye to the abuses Native Americans suffered."
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A great article from Roberto de Mattei

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Ten Signs You're in the Process of Potty Training....

Another great one from Sherry:

10) There are M&M's in the freezer for more than one day. (I've made the error of preemptively consuming the prize when in the midst of potty training and boy does that conversation with the toddler go down hill fast). This is chocolate I am not even VAGUELY tempted to eat. 9) Endzone dances after success are allowed, though I try to shorten them. It's quite a treat to hear "I did it. I did it. Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah!" through the bathroom door. 8) She says after one accident, "I want to quit." and you have to summon your inner "Nothing is over until we say it's over" motivational speech.
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Bozell: Pro-Life Protesters Don't Count

Only leftists need apply for media coverage. Thank goodness for blogs.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters descend on Washington every January to "March for Life," protesting the horror of more than a million abortions in America every year. Every year the "news" outlets report next to nothing, even when their reporters are there documenting the event as their cameras film it. This year, the turnout was among the strongest ever, with estimates as high as half a million people. The visual of wave after wave marching to the Capitol to demand action, with banners, flyers and flags; with an ocean of those supposedly disinterested millennial cheering and praying; with babies everywhere. It was a breathtaking sight. Except virtually no one watching the networks ever saw it. CBS gave the story a paltry 15 seconds. NBC "News" blacked it out entirely. So too did ABC "News." Liberal journalists have made it perfectly clear over the years that only radical leftist protesters count. In fact, two or three of them together matter more than hundreds of thousands of social conservatives. The "problem"? You could argue that social conservatives march peacefully, prayerfully, with no violent clashes with the police and no destruction of property, and since it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead.
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Gay Pol to Out Infidelities of Pro-Traditional Marriage Lawmakers

Wait, I thought "outing" was bad. And it really is stupid because just because a man or woman fails to live up to a vow doesn't negate the importance of the vow.

This sounds like “outing” in reverse. A gay state lawmaker in Alabama is sick and tired of hearing conservatives preaching about family values and is planning to air some dirty laundry if they don’t stop. Alabama’s only openly gay legislator is putting her anti-gay colleagues on notice: If they keep espousing family values rhetoric as a reason to oppose marriage equality, she’ll start making their marital infidelities public. “I will not stand by and allow legislators to talk about ‘family values’ when they have affairs, and I know of many who are and have,” wrote state Rep. Patricia Todd (D) on Facebook over the weekend, as reported by the TimesDaily in Alabama. “I will call our elected officials who want to hide in the closet out.”
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Meet Joshua Johnson, Baton Rouge's rapping, youngest Catholic priest who 'never liked' church as a kid

Check it out yo.

A young Catholic priest who enjoys rap music had a few confessions about his faith and his music: He didn’t like the Catholic Church as a youth, and he doesn’t want to simply be known today At 27, the Rev. Joshua Johnson, of Christ the King Catholic Church at LSU, is the youngest priest in the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Johnson is in his first year as a priest after trying for years to run from his calling to minister in the Catholic Church. “I was raised Catholic, but I just never liked the Catholic Church growing up. I thought it was boring, and I didn’t understand it,” said Johnson, a native of Baton Rouge who recently garnered a measure of renown on YouTube and social media for his rapping talent. He hosts the hip-hop show “Tell the World” on Catholic radio.
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Campus Party Scene Encourages Sexual Assault

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

The typical college “campus culture”—which often features underage drinking, illicit drug use, and widespread promiscuity—bears a significant connection to rising rates of sexual assault, Amber Marshall recently argued in Cabrini College’s student newspaper The Loquitur. Marshall cited a 2012 study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health which “reported that nearly 60.3 percent of full-time students were current drinkers, 40.1 percent were binge drinkers, and 14.4 percent were heavy drinkers.” Additionally, “22 percent of full-time college students currently use illicit drugs, which consist of narcotics, stimulants, depressants (sedatives), hallucinogens and cannabis.”
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Pro-Life Leaders Call for Renee Elmers Ouster

Get rid of the lying liar.

On a usually happy and even triumphant day, pro-life leaders found themselves angry at a vote in the U.S. House that never happened. Much of the talk today at the annual March for Life, that likely brought close to 500,000 mostly young people to Washington DC, was about how House leaders canned a bill that would have banned abortion after the 20th week of gestation, the point at which an unborn child is said to feel pain. Much of the anger was directed at Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, who, as reported by Breitbart News, organized a group of female House members to block the vote on a bill that leadership had promised to pro-lifers.
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‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It in My Entire Life’: Photos of the Massive Pro-Life March

The Blaze reports:

A massive wave of anti-abortion demonstrators hit the streets of the nation’s capital Thursday for the 42nd annual March for Life.
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Kevin D. Williamson Writes a Note to House Republicans

This is great. Worth a read.

A note to House Republicans: Today is the 42nd anniversary of the decision in Roe v. Wade. I never need reminding of which anniversary it is — it’s always the same as my age. I was one of those who entered the world through a pregnancy of the sort we call “unplanned,” though as a Hayekian type I do not object to being the “result of human action, but not the execution of any human design.” I was born about three months — call it a “trimester” — before Roe.
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This is So Hilarious and Kinda' Sad.

He desperately wanted Times readers to know he reads To Kill a Mockingbird to his infant.

The New York Times profiles Cody Keenan, Obama’s speechwriter. Even for a classic “sweetener” piece, it’s pretty obsequious. Particularly given the fact that Obama’s speeches — and speechifying — are the most overrated in modern memory. For instance, Obama dubs Keenan “Hemingway.” But that’s not the funny part. Maybe Obama is being ironic, like calling a big guy “Tiny.” Or maybe Keenan just loves The Old Man and the Sea. I don’t know and don’t really care. Frankly, I’d never heard of Keenan until this story. It’s this part (in bold below) that causes the reader to stop short:
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Bible Scripture Found Hidden in Mummy Mask Could End Up Being the Oldest Gospel Ever


The discovery of a small papyrus fragment containing words from the Book of Mark could end up being the earliest copy of a Christian gospel on record, according to experts. The biblical text, which came from Egypt, was reportedly placed on a sheet of papyrus before the document was recycled and used to create a mummy mask.
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Tanning salon or abortuary – which one gets inspected more?

Those UV rays are very dangerous. But slicing up the unborn inside a mother's womb, that's nothing.

An Illinois pro-life group is calling for lawmakers to correct a wrong related to abortion clinics. Zender Though state law requires the health department to inspect abortion mills anytime it deems necessary, Emily Zender of Illinois Right to Life tells OneNewsNow it is "appalling how the Illinois Department of Public Health can look the other way while Illinois' abortion clinics are providing substandard medical care." "We have found that on average, 40 percent of the clinics in Illinois have gone between 14 and 17 years without a health inspection," she reports. "And abortion clinics in Illinois are only being inspected an average of once every nine years." As a result, Zender laments that "women have been maimed, they've been infected with diseases, and they have died in substandard clinics."
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When Catholic Homeschoolers Get Lonely

Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character

Many homeschooling parents face the pain of seeing their children suffer from loneliness because they either live in an area with few other homeschooled children, or because they (the parents), are unable to find companions for their children who would not be detrimental influences. More than Academic When Catholic parents make a decision to homeschool their children, the reasons for doing so should be more than just academic. When people ask me the question, “Why do you homeschool your children when you could be pursuing a career, bringing in a second income, and enjoying some of the ‘extras’ in life that a little more money can buy?” my first response is always the same, “I am making this sacrifice in order to preserve my children for Christ and for the Catholic Church.”
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Kenyan bishops call for no more tetanus vaccines until further tests

They believe it's part of a mass birth control program on the sly.

Bishops say vaccines must be 'appropriately tested and proven to be safe' Kenya’s bishops have insisted that “no further mass tetanus vaccination campaigns” should take place in the country until the “vaccines have been appropriately tested and proven to be safe.” The January 14 statement signed by all of the bishops followed a recent report that one-third of the vials of the tetanus vaccine tested contained a hormone linked to birth control. At the direction of the bishops, the vials were tested at five different laboratories in Kenya. The government rejected the results, citing poor methodology. The Ministry of Health said it tested 10 vials and found them to be free of the hormone.
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Wait. The CCHD Funded Organization That Assists in Growing Marijuana?

This would be comical if it weren't so sad.

For Fiscal Year 2014-2015, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development provided a $50,000 grant to the California Center for Cooperative Development (CCCD) through the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. Summary of Problems •CCCD promotes the legalization of marijuana, and is facilitating the production of marijuana
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